Hint: Drink Water Not Sugar

May 16, 2011

Browsing Whole Foods beverage aisle this evening I stumbled upon HINT Naturally Flavored Water.  I’m a recent hibiscus fan and since hibiscus isn’t an easy flavor to find in products the honeydew-hibiscus flavor stood out on the shelf.  I had never found a flavored water I really enjoy, but I have tonight!   I even went through the check out thinking “what am I doing trying another flavored water brand?”   but so glad I did.   The honeydew-hibiscus is crisp, clean and refreshing with no artificial aftertaste.  It’s not sweet and I love that it’s naturally flavored with pure water, honeydew and hibiscus.  The name fits the product perfect as it provides just a subtle hint of each natural flavor. When I looked at the bottle in more detail I realized I actually had tried the Hint Blackberry which Starbucks launched last year.  I remember a slight fruit flavor without being overpowering and still refreshing.  I can’t wait to try the cucumber flavor!  No sugar and no artificial sweeteners.   We all know how important hydrating our bodies with water is but sometimes we need a little flavor.  Throw a bottle of HINT in your yoga bag!   You’ll be so glad you did.  One refreshing gulp and you’ll being smiling.  Namaste.

HINT Naturally Flavored Water



One Response to “Hint: Drink Water Not Sugar”

  1. […] If you like the idea of fresh natural flavored water but don’t have the time to prepare it try HINT water, it’s the next best thing I’ve found.  HINT water review here […]

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