Yogini seeks Yogi for Yoga in Tandem

May 17, 2011

Angela Kukhahn in Samokonasana and Brian Aganad in Handstand Scorpion in Los Angeles River

I’m fascinated by the idea of partner yoga (also known as yoga in tandem).  Partner yoga is a form of yoga that can also be enjoyed with a spouse, friend or even just pairing up with someone in class.  It’s supposed to be a playful and fun filled practice.  In partner yoga you provide your yoga buddy with the extra space, strength and support needed to conquer challenging poses.

The experience has also been said to be a natural process of connecting with a spouse or partner.  Being present, listening and responding to each other accordingly, experiencing the pressure another body can provide, expressing your needs, and building trust and help each other with alignment, balance and concentration are primary reasons partner yoga is said to improve relationships.

I love coming across beautiful partner yoga photographs.  They amaze me and have me dreaming of my very own “yoga man” Ha!  Actually, I’d be thrilled if a man I dated would be brave enough to just attempt one class with me.  One of my favorite power yoga instructors, Richard, had us do one partner yoga pose in two of his classes I took.  It was challenging not knowing the person next to us in class while already being super sweaty from hot yoga.  One thing I commit to trying this summer is a full partner yoga class.

I’ll leave you with this interesting article “Improve Communication in Relationships with Partner Yoga”  Click the link, it’s worth a read.

Kneeling Crescent Lunge with backward bend


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