Bridal Shower Yoga

May 23, 2011

Whether the bride is a yoga aficionado or she and the guests have never pronounced the word “namaste,” a yoga session can bring everyone’s shoulders down. Hire an instructor to guide an all-level class for the shower crowd (and possibly provide hints for how to relax in the nervous weeks leading up to the wedding), either at home or in a yoga studio. Food and drink possibilities are variable, since you can embrace healthy spa type snacks or indulge in some sweet treats.
Select beautiful music that you enjoy, add some mimosas, teas, and perhaps even a light brunch after practice.

Here’s what a few people have to say about attending a yoga bridal shower.

“Doing yoga the morning of my wedding with all of my bridesmaids was amazing.  It was just what I needed to stay calm and relaxed before the big event.

With everyone being at a different level, it was also fun to have a good laugh. There’s a lot of nervous energy the day of a wedding, and rather than stressing out, it was great to have an hour to myself to reflect.”
~ Sara Gilbane Sullivan

“I loved our yoga session the day of our wedding. Gathering for that moment of peace and calm was a highlight. It was a great moment to NOT race around staring at a to-do list.
I was able to breathe, reflect and enjoy all the love that surrounded us with our dearest family and friends present!”
~ Lindsey Payne Welsch


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