Not all yoga is created equal

May 24, 2011

I nearly cringe when people say they tried yoga but “didn’t like it”  To be fair I can’t cringe because truth of the matter is I remember my first day of yoga.  In fact I vividly remember my first 5 days of yoga.  I was that negative girl critisizng, laughing and making fun of yoga at a party I went to at the end of that week.  (story for another day, or feel free to ask me.  It’s quite comical!)  This is like saying, “I dated once, but the person wasn’t my type, so I stopped dating.”  There are so many different types of people in the world, one simply doesn’t stop dating after one date.  Some people claim they aren’t “flexible” enough for yoga when your current flexibility has nothing to do with being able to practice yoga.   My advise and rule is try yoga 5 times minimum (and if possible different types) before placing any opinions and judgements on yoga.

There are so many types of yoga I can’t even tell you the exact number.  Yoga can be extremely physical and aerobic geared towards fitness (like power yoga), while other yoga includes slow or gentle yoga and some yoga is totally spiritual.

Teachers vary a great deal and it’s important to try different types of yoga and different instructors.  Some teachers demonstrate while others walk the room and just talk students through it (possibly making it more difficult if there are new students.)

Keep an open mind and positive attitude.  Try out several classes and instructors until you find the yoga for you.  I know there’s a yoga that fits everyone.  Namaste.


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