What I’m thinking about

June 9, 2011

The past three days were intense workouts after 11 days off for traveling.  I’m not sure how but I managed to loose 3.5 pounds on the trip.  It’s a great jump start to my summer health and fitness goals.  My body feels a bit over sore and overworked today so I’m taking it easy right now and waiting until this evening to do just a 75 minute power yoga class after looking at some apartments in the city.  This summer’s really exciting.  I’ll be moving into the city next month and starting my power yoga certification next Saturday.  I’m reading Women’s Health Training guide right now which is filled with awesome workout, yoga, and eating suggestions.  I think tonight I’ll make mango-lime shrimp.  So far today I started my day with coffee, salad with tuna, 4 oz 2% greek yogurt with 4 oz raspberries.  I’m trying to think ahead of delicious and healthy meal and snack ideas for this summer to prepare for during and after my trainings.

drink 10-15 8 oz glasses of water each day

Multivitamin, Vit C packs, and fish oil

great proteins:  Greek yogurt, beans and hummus, Quinoa, tuna and other fish, chicken, natural peanut butter

great carbs:  beans, quinoa, steel cut oats, popcorn, fruits and veggies, sweet potato, squash





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