“Instructing” my first yoga class❥❥❥❥ (or something like that)

June 15, 2011

“It happens to the best of us” photo from Ashtanga News

Tonight I decided to head to an 8:00pm gym yoga class, which isn’t very common but I do from time to time.  I arrived early and chatted with a few girls while the class prior finished up.  The class was packed and at 8:10pm the gym announced the instructor called and canceled.  Someone asked “anyone here able to lead a class?” and a bunch of people pointed to me and asked me to teach the class.  My face lite up flattered, but I was just too chicken.  A few of them kept asking and encouraging me and the thought of how to teach was flashing through my head.  As much as I would have loved the opportunity I realized I really couldn’t lead a class for five minutes!   If I had been just a few weeks into training maybe I would have but I don’t know the dialect at all and between the sequences, dialect and leading inhales and exhales I really wouldn’t know what to do.   The timing of this was great though.  It made me decide to stay after everyone left…and “instruct” a class out loud to myself.   I felt a little silly in that huge room with no music talking to myself so I asked the gym if I could get some music.  The guy handed me a small boom box with a hip hop CD in it.   Do you know how silly it feels to speak out loud to yourself in a large room while doing yoga?  I needed some kind of background noise so yes, I made do with the hip hop background!  I actually got through 35 minutes of yoga by myself (10 minutes of talking out loud before it turned into just talking in my head.)  I’ve only lead myself through yoga a few times on a pier in Belize when I first got into yoga.  That was over 2 years ago, click here to check out my hilarious first week of yoga picture!  It felt both great and stressful (an anti-yoga word) to get through it tonight.  I realize there’s a lot ahead and look forward to learning.  200 hour Training starts this Saturday, June 18 and I’m looking forward to the experience.  It seems so far away but I know soon enough I will have the honor of guiding others through something that benefits the mind, body and heart… and one of the things I enjoy most, power yoga.

On a scale of 1-10 I give my “instructing” a 2 and my yoga “quality” I performed this evening a 6.  But wait, it’s yoga… so no judgement right?  Om Shanti.  Namaste.


One Response to ““Instructing” my first yoga class❥❥❥❥ (or something like that)”

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