Good Life Yoga is a daily blog intended for all people looking to live the GOOD LIFE!  Whether you practice yoga daily or you’ve never stepped foot on the mat, there’s something for everyone here. Yoga is a State of Mind.

My journey into yoga began in February 2009, just 2 1/2 years ago.  I spent a brief period in Canada where I was so fortunate to be introduced to hot power yoga by a friend.  I am forever grateful for this powerful discovery as it continues to improve and change my life, body and mind.   I hope  through sharing  my journey, yoga-minded throughts, suggestions and other exciting ideas that I will make an impact on someone, no matter how small or big.   The name of my blog reads “power yoga” however it by no means is only for those practicing power yoga.  It is for those practicing any form of yoga and even those who don’t incorporate yoga into their lifestyle yet choose to live life to it’s fullest.   I chose the name “Good Life Power Yoga” simply because that is my preferred style of yoga and the type of yoga in which I will be certified .   On June 18, 2011 I will continue my journey entering the 200 hour Power Vinyasa Yoga Certification. 

The intent of Good Life Yoga Blog is to document my 200 hour Power Vinyasa Yoga Certification experience on along with light, fun, and infomative material.  The focus is on

Yoga real life stories, articles and information
Yoga inspiration, videos, quotes
Yoga coupons and contests
Yoga friendly foods and recipes
Yoga product reviews
Yoda photo of the day
Yoga charity benefits and events
Yoga interviews
Yoga Celebrities
My personal yoga and life goals

Please contact me if you have any valuable experiences or items to share with me on my blog.  You may also follow me on facebook at Good Life Power Yoga.

Peace, Love, Happiness….It’s a GOOD LIFE!  Keli


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  1. Shari Lott Says:

    looks awesome, congrats!!

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